Assessment Tools

  • California County Data Templates (zip - updated 2016): These templates will allow you to input your local data to calculate rates and confidence intervals.
  • Data Sources & Tools for Measuring Adolescent Health Status: A 12-page PDF document created to present health indicators for youth, covering areas of morbidity, mortality, and health service utilization.
  • MCAH Community Assessment Survey: This survey was developed in conjunction with the California Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Action (MCAH ACTION) rural caucus and have been developed to help counties obtain information about the health of women, adolescents and children. The Core Survey includes five modules - dental health, asthma, childhood obesity, habits during pregnancy and family violence. The Adolescent Health Survey can be utilized as a stand-alone survey. In addition, the surveys and their respective modules are available in English and Spanish.
  • Linear Trend Template (excel - updated May 2019): This Excel template calculates linear trend statistics for 12 years of rates at two levels. Its use is described in FHOP's publication "Do We Have a Linear Trend," available on our publications page. As presented, the template tests for linear trends at higher (e.g., state) and lower (e.g. county) levels, then tests if the trends are significantly different from each other. Although set up to compare state and local health jurisdiction trends, it can be easily modified to compare other levels, e.g., nation and state, or super-region (e.g., Bay Area) and county. This template is inappropriate to use when trends are curvilinear in either comparison group.
  • Linear Trend Explanations and Examples (pdf)