FHOP Publications - Public Health Planning

Evaluating a Program to Build Data Capacity for Core Public Health Functions in Local Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Programs in California

Matern Child Health J (2007) 11:1-10
The purpose of this publication was to evaluate the 6-pronged strategy utilized by FHOP to improve local Maternal and Child Health programs' capacity to collect and analyze data to support core public health functions: face-to-face training, telephone technical assistance, on-site consultation, development of automated analytic tools, development of written guidelines, and web dissemination of data and materials.

The Planning Guide: Developing an Effective Planning Process: A Guide for Local MCH Programs

The purpose of this manual is to assist local public health agencies in conducting a needs-based, rational planning and resource allocation process. Although the processes described are generic to all planning efforts at the local level, the case examples are specific to Maternal and Child Health Programs that are required to conduct a formal needs assessment and planning process every five years in order to receive their annual block grant funds. (September 2003)