Webinar: Introduction to Program Evaluation

Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

   Please join FHOP for the first webinar in a two part series on program evaluation. This webinar will provide information about types of evaluation, data sources for evaluation, the steps for conducting an evaluation, and the place of evaluation in the program planning process. The second webinar will address using a logic model for program evaluation and developing an evaluation plan.
   Also - a special request - if you have developed any evaluation materials (such pre/post tests) and would be willing to share them with other MCAH programs, please send them to FHOP. We may use them as examples during the webinar, and we will post materials on the MCAH Marketplace so that others can find and adapt them.

Training Objectives:
At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Identify at least 3 reasons evaluating programs is important
2. Describe and distinguish between different types of evaluation
3. Discuss how evaluation fits in a logic model framework
4. Select an evaluation design that matches your outcome objectives
5. Discuss and distinguish between designs for process evaluation and outcome evaluation

Training Materials:
Presentation slides
Presentation poll questions
Webinar recording
    Part 1. Purpose and Types of Evaluation
    Part 2. Logic Models and Evaluation
    Part 3. Process Evaluation Design
    Part 4. Outcome Evaluation Design
    Part 5. Discussion

The logic model that was shown in the slide show is available on the Intervention Planning Resources and Tools page under breastfeeding, along with several other logic models. There are also example logic models for State MCAH programs available on the Local MCAH Program Scope of Work Resources page.