Resources for 2014-2015 Title V CCS Needs Assessment

2014-2015 Title V CCS Needs Assessment
Title V-funded programs are required to complete a needs assessment every 5 years. The Family Health Outcomes Project at UCSF facilitated the Needs Assessment Process on behalf of the California Department of Health Care Services, Children's Medical Services Branch. The goals were:

1) To determine action priorities to be addressed during FY 2015-2020; and
2) Identify the most important and potentially effective changes CCS can make to improve services for CCS-eligible children.

Final Needs Assessment Report submitted to DHCS

The following are resources utilized in this process:

Materials from the January 6, 2015 Stakeholder Meeting to Set Priorities

An overview of the Needs Assessment Process and Highlights of Key Findings
California Children's Services Program: Title V Needs Assessment

A Model System of Care - Presentation by Drs. Jeff Lobas and Mona Patel
The Missing Piece: Medical Homes for California’s Children with Medical Complexity

Program Priorities created by Stakeholders for Ranking
Final Program Priorities for Ranking

Prioritization Criteria for Ranking Program Priorities
Final Prioritization Criteria 

FHOP Survey Results
CCS Family Survey Results 
CCS Provider Survey Preliminary Results 

Data Summary Sheets Including Data on Children with Special Health Care Needs from Multiple Sources
Summary - Prevalence 
Summary - Family Centered Care 
Summary - Medical Home and Access 
Summary - Insurance Coverage 
Summary - Cultural Competency
Summary - Organization of Services
Summary - Transition to Adulthood 

Data from CMS Net
CCS Admin Processing Times (excel)
Medical Home Report 2014 (excel)

Resources from the Initial Stakeholder Meeting on April 28, 2014

Initial Overview of the Needs Assessment Process
Preparing for the Title V Needs Assessment 

Presentation of Data from the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs
National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs 

Examples of Potential Prioritization Criteria
Prioritization Criteria 

Discussion Guide for Break Out Groups to Identify Key Issues
Breakout Group Questions (word)

Archived Webinars on Data used in the Needs Assessment
CCS Needs Assessment Informational Webinar-CA Results from the National Survey of CSHCN Recorded Webinar w/ Christy Bethell and Ed Schor, June 18, 2014
Needs Assessment Provider Survey Preliminary Result
Needs Assessment Family Survey Preliminary Results

Data Sources Used in the Needs Assessment
Data Sources used in the CCS Needs Assessment 2014

Other Processes Looking at Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs in California

Stanford Center for Policy Outcomes and Prevention Briefs
CCS: All Inpatient Paid Claims by Site of Care
Variation in Specialty Care Hospitalizations for Children with Chronic Conditions in CA
Regionalized Pediatric Specialty Care for California’s Children
Quality of Care: Outpatient Care Before Hospitalization
Quality of Care: Outpatient Care After Hospitalization
The Cost of Care for Children Enrolled in CCS
Care Use by “High-cost” Children Enrolled in CCS
Health Care Use Varies by Diagnosis among CCS Enrollees
Health Care Use Varies with Age among CCS Enrollees 

California Title V Block Grant Program
DRAFT 2014 Report/ 2016 Application (pdf)