Webinar: What FHOP Can Do For You to Support Program Planning, Evaluation, and More

Date: Monday, Dec 20, 2010

This webinar will provide an orientation to FHOP and the tools, training, technical assistance and other resources we can provide to local MCAH program to assist you in completing your Title V Needs Assessment and annual MCAH Scope of Work. It is especially targeted to newer MCAH Directors, however all are welcome to join to learn more about FHOP's current work. From its founding in 1991, FHOP continues to offer support to MCAH program through training, data preparation and dissemination, sharing information about new resources, and answering technical assistance requests.

1. Be familiar with FHOP's history, mission, and goals
2. Understand what tools, trainings, data and other resources FHOP's has available to assist with each step of the Needs Assessment Planning Cycle and with completing the annual MCAH Scope of Work
3. Be familiar with FHOP's website and where key resources are located
4. Have an opportunity to discuss questions and issues related to MCAH work
5. Learn strategies for addressing common questions and issues MCAH directors encounter

• Archived Webinar
• Presentation Slideshow (pdf)