Webinar: Strategies for Measuring Program Effectiveness

Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013

In collaboration with state MCAH staff, FHOP is excited to present a skill-based training on methods for assessing the impacts of programs. This training will be focused on assessing outcomes using practical examples, evaluation strategies, tools, and how to pick the best evaluation method for the type of intervention. For example, we will discuss measuring knowledge change, assessing behavioral intention, and observing and documenting behavior, as well as ideas for assessing the impact of community awareness campaigns and social media outreach. This webinar will be particularly useful for MCAH program staff looking at the outcome measures in their local Scope of Work.

Training Objectives:
At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Describe at least 3 methods for collecting data to measure program effectiveness
2. Discuss the strengths and limitations of different evaluation methods
3. Describe a framework for evaluating community awareness campaigns:
    a.Identify at least 2 sources of measures that can be used to evaluate if you are reaching your target audience
    b.Identify one measure to assess if you are impacting your target audience
4. Identify at least one evaluation strategy for outreach/education through social media

Presentation slides (pdf)

Training Recordings:
   Part 1. Program Evaluation Theory (17:29)
   Part 2. Evaluation Questions and Methods (10:14)
   Part 3. Evaluation Tools (13:32)
   Part 4. Community Awareness Campaigns (18:42)
   Part 5. Social Media Tools (14:52)
   Part 6. Conclusion and Examples (13:13)

Resources for Program Evaluation and Performance Monitoring on FHOP’s Site

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