Webinar: Problem Analysis

Date: Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

A 2-hour webinar to teach the steps of conducting a Problem Analysis, and to learn how to identify intervention points as part of the needs assessment process. All local MCAH staff are welcome and encouraged to attend.

1. Describe the steps for conducting a problem analysis with your stakeholder group
2. Articulate the components of a problem analysis diagram
3. Describe how the problem analysis process reflects the social determinants of health
4. Identify causal pathways and intervention points
5. Understand how a sample problem analysis diagram can be used and adapted to reflect your local context

Webinar recording
Presentation Slides (pdf)

Presentation Outline:
• Introduction and overview of webinar objectives
• Conducting a Problem Analysis
   a. Why do a problem analysis?
   b. What are the benefits?
• Review of steps #1 and #2 of the problem analysis process
• Definitions
  a. Precursors
   » Primary
   » Secondary
• Consequences
• Relevant identification factors
• Identify causal pathways
• Stakeholder involvement
• Intervention points
• Benefits
• Examples from Sonoma County
• Example – youth violence

Documents/Referenced Links:
Prenatal Care Entry and Adequacy: Problem Analysis Diagram (pdf)
• Problem Analysis Diagram Youth Incarceration (pdf)
May 4 Meeting Agenda for IDA (pdf)
Reducing Iron Deficiency Anemia in Young Children (pdf)
Problem Analysis for Iron Deficiency Anemia (pdf)
Factors Associated with Iron Deficiency Anemia (pdf)