Webinar: Overview of Program Planning

Date: Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013

Training Objectives:
1. Describe the program planning cycle
2. Discuss the reasons for program planning and how it is related to program implementation and evaluation
3. Discuss ways to engage stakeholders in program planning
4. Identify and discuss components of the program planning process

Archived Webinar

Presentations from Webinar:
Part 1:  Introduction to training and discussion of training objectives, the program planning cycle, reasons for program planning, the interconnection between program planning, implementation, evaluation process, and the involvement of stakeholders and partners.
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Part 2: Discussion of the assessment and prioritization health status needs/problems process, questions or issues to be addressed, purpose of a prioritization process, benefits of conducting a formal problem analysis, components of a problem analysis, health problem analysis framework, identifying effective intervention strategies, utilization of a logic model, and developing objectives.
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Part 3: Creation of an Action Plan (5-year action plan for needs assessment), action plan components, evaluation and measurement of performance, sample case study, and references.
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