Webinar: New FHOP Website Orientation

Date: Monday, March 9, 2015

FHOP’s Mission
To improve the health of children and their families and communities by supporting the development and implementation of comprehensive community planning, data-driven policies, evidence-based interventions, and effective evaluation strategies

FHOP’s Goal
Develop and make available to local MCAH Programs guidance, tools, training and other resources, help you at each step in the Title V MCAH 5-year Needs Assessment Planning Cycle, and in completing your annual MCAH Scope of Work

FHOP’s Areas of Activity
1. Training – online webinar and face-to-face
  How to…
    • Develop a planning coalition
    • Identify and measure health indicators
    • Analyze public health data to identify problems/issues
    • Develop a plan and interventions to address identified problems/issues     • Develop and measure process and outcome objectives     • Evaluate interventions
2. Technical Assistance (TA) – telephone and email consultation
    • Planning interventions
    • Evaluating programs
    • Data-related: identify sources, review and interpret data, and use of tools
3. Data Analysis Software – SAS, EpiInfo, and CBInfo
4. Data Analysis – rates and trends over time
5. Analytic Method Development
6. Research and Evaluation
7. Website – access to data, links, tools, literature, publications, and trainings

Outline & Objectives
• Understand what tools, trainings, data and other resources FHOP has available to assist with each step of the Needs Assessment Planning Cycle and with completing the annual MCAH Scope of Work
• Be familiar with FHOP’s new website and where key resources are located
• Have an opportunity to discuss questions and issues related to MCAH work
• Learn strategies for addressing common questions and issues MCAH directors encounter

Webinar Recording
• Streaming recording link

• Webinar Presentation (pdf)