Webinar: Help Me Grow

By WestEd

Date: September 24, 2015

• Patsy Hampton—Project Director for the WestEd Center for Prevention and Early Intervention

Presentation Outline:
     Children at risk for developmental and behavioral problems are too often eluding early detection. Experts agree: Early detection and connection to services lead to the best outcomes for children with developmental or behavioral challenges. However, families, child health care, early care and education, and human service providers often have difficulty recognizing early signs of developmental or behavioral concerns. Even when needs are identified, finding programs designed to address those needs can be confusing and time-consuming.
     The Help Me Grow (HMG) Project is a system that connects at-risk children with the services they need. HMG is a simple solution that builds on existing resources to assist in identifying at-risk children, then help families find community-based programs and services.
     This webinar will provide an overview of Help Me Grow, describe California activities to expand the Help Me Grow network and provide an opportunity for MCAH programs to understand their role in this system.
     This presentation is also meant to explain how the Help Me Grow Model is designed to:

  • Support providers and families to promote early detection
  • Provide a central access point for child development information and referrals
  • Develop a system that facilitates greater access and collaboration

Recorded Webinar:

Presentation Materials:

• Help Me Grow (pdf)