Webinar: Getting the Most out of Your Local Databooks

Date: Tuesday, February  4, 2014

Training Objectives:
1. Articulate the topics and range of indicators included in the spreadsheets
2. Understand and use the indicator rate tables
3. Interpret comparative information on the rate tables
4. Interpret the trend graphs
5. Identify and describe disparities in rates and trends

Webinar Recording:
Streaming recording link (presentation starts at 6:25)

Presentation Slides (pdf)
Do We Have a Linear Trend? A Beginner’s Approach to Analysis of Trends in Community Health Indicators (pdf)
DataBook Training: Trend Analysis (pdf)
Title V 5-Year Needs Assessment Indicators: DataBook 2000 to 2011 (pdf)

Referenced Links:
Link to CA County Data page
Link to MCAH Local Health Jurisdictions Title V Needs Assessment page
Link to CA County MCAH Data Spreadsheets
Link to CBInfo