Webinar: Getting the Most out of your Local Data Spreadsheets

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FHOP is excited to announce the next webinar training: "Getting the most out of your local data spreadsheets: Monitoring your local MCAH population, assessing trends and identifying disparities." This skill-based training will review ways to use the local data spreadsheet available on FHOP's website and will focus on practical examples and applications. The training is designed to help MCAH directors and staff, new and experienced, to get familiar with local data, describe trends and disparities, and evaluate potential data quality issues. It will be useful for local MCAH programs preparing their year-end reports and for answering questions about how your county is doing on key indicators, such as low birth weight or teen pregnancy, over time and compared to the State average.

Webinar Objectives:
After this webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Articulate the topics and range of indicators included in the spreadsheets
2. Evaluate data quality issues as they impact county indicator accuracy
3. Understand and use the indicator rate tables
4. Interpret comparative information on the rate tables
5. Interpret the trend graphs
6. Identify and describe disparities in rates and trends

Presentation slides
Quick guide for trend graphs

Webinar recording
  Part 1. Spreadsheet topics and indicators
  Part 2.1 What is in your data spreadsheet: data, definition, quality
  Part 2.2 What is in your data spreadsheet: rates
  Part 2.3 What is in your data spreadsheet: graphs
  Part 3.1 Steps for using your data spreadsheet
  Part 3.2 Steps for using your data spreadsheet, continued
  Part 4. Review