Step II - Assess Community Health and Community Resources

FHOP Resources

Planning Guide Chapter 2: Community Health Assessment: Identifying Maternal, Child Health Needs and Setting Priorities

CA County Pages and MCAH Data Spreadsheets
Data for the perinatal indicators and those related to mortality and hospital discharge, contained in county specific files that can be downloaded.

CA County MCAH Data Resources

FHOP Tools

Public Health Indicators and their Use

MCAH Community Assessment Survey Tool
The Core Survey includes five modules - dental health, asthma, childhood obesity, habits during pregnancy and family violence. The Adolescent Health Survey can be utilized as a stand-alone survey. In addition, the surveys and their respective modules are available in English and Spanish.

Linear Trend Template (excel)
This Excel template calculates linear trend statistics for 12 years of rates at two levels. Its use is described in FHOP's publication "Do We Have a Linear Trend," available on our publications page.

Useful Software

CBInfo: California Birth Information System

EpiHosp: Hospital Discharge Data Analysis & Presentation System