Sexual Health, STIs, Congenital Syphilis, and Related Topics - March 19, 2024

The focus of this maternal and child health technical assistance webinar is sexual health, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), congenital syphilis, pre-conception health, and related topics. Our featured presenters include Dr. Michael A. Sequeira, MD, San Bernardino County Health Officer, and Trish McLendon, MPH, Surveillance Unit Chief of the STD Control Branch at the California Department of Public Health.

During the webinar, Dr. Sequeira provides an insightful update on STI data and trends in San Bernardino County, particularly emphasizing congenital syphilis and syphilis. He also discusses the strategies and initiatives undertaken to raise awareness and reduce the prevalence of these conditions. Access Dr. Sequeira's slides here.

Trish McLendon offers a comprehensive update on STI data and trends at both state and local levels, with a specific focus on the maternal, child, and adolescent health (MCAH) population. Access Trish McLendon's slides here.

You can access the webinar recording here.