Recent Research Advances in Understanding Intergenerational Maternal and Child Health & Perinatal Solutions to Promote Family Wellness Webinar - June 28, 2023

This topic based capacity building webinar features Dr. Nicole Bush and Dr. Amanda Noroña Zhou presenting on "Recent Research Advances in Understanding Intergenerational Maternal and Child Health and Perinatal Solutions to Promote Family Wellness". 

Dr. Nicole Bush is a Distinguished Professor of Developmental and Behavioral Health, appointed in the Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, and Division Chief of the Division of Developmental Medicine at UCSF. A licensed clinical psychologist with training in biology, medicine, and epidemiology, Dr. Bush leverages her cross-field training and insights from community engagement to innovatively bridge disciplines. She is an accomplished mentor and international leader with research expertise in the social determinants of child and family health and wellbeing. 

Dr. Amanda Noroña Zhou is the Assistant Director of the Intergenerational Developmental Health Program at UCSF, a research scientist, and a licensed clinical psychologist. Her research interests include prenatal and intergenerational influences on child and family wellbeing and the role that community-level and systems-level factors can play in buffering families from stress. In addition, she is committed to the translation of well-established psychological science findings into policies and programs that support the healthy development of children, families, and communities.

Topics for the webinar include:

  • The strong connection between caregiver and child mental health
  • Intergenerational effects of maternal stress on child development and health
  • The role of the child's environment in enhancing resilience
  • Long-term benefits of supporting mothers' mental health for mother and child
  • The crucial importance of preventing maternal stress exposure, especially during pregnancy

You can access the webinar slides here.

You can access the webinar recording here.