Limited Access to Denti-Cal Services for Children

A recent audit of Denti-Cal, the State's dental program that serves children with Medi-Cal, indicates that services have been provided to fewer than 50% of enrolled children. The root of the problem is thought to be too few providers participating in the program due to low reimbursement rates. Advocates have expressed concern about the problem worsening with Medi-Cal expansion. Below are links to two articles about the audit, the audit report itself which discusses the gaps and challenges in overcoming the gaps, resources to assist Denti-Cal providers, and information about the comprehensive Denti-Cal services for pregnant beneficiaries.


CA Dept of Health Care Services: Weaknesses in it's Medi-Cal Dental Program Limits Children's Access to Dental Care


Audit: Denti-Cal Failing To Serve Half of Children in Program (California Healthline)

State Program Leaves Poorest Kids Short of Dental Care (SF Gate)


Denti-Cal Offers Free Provider Assistance

Comprehensive Services to Pregnant Beneficiaries