Maternal Mental Health TA Webinar - April 19, 2023

The topic for this TA webinar is maternal mental health. 


Humboldt County - Hava Phillips discusses Humboldt's work with perinatal mental health advisory boards and efforts to raise awareness through the Blue Dot Project's annual Maternal Mental Health Social Media Awareness Week Campaign. You can access Humboldt's slides here.

Alameda County - Tameko Jones discusses Alameda's efforts to support the mental and emotional well-being of birthing people and their children through the Blue Skies Mental Wellness Program which offers case management, resources, and linkages for home visiting clients. You can access Alameda's slides here.

Orange County - Michele Cheung discusses Orange's MCAH collaborations around maternal mental health including work with the Orange County Perinatal Council and development of the Orange County Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit. You can access Orange's slides here. 


You can access the webinar recording here.