Folic Acid Webinar with the CDC and CDPH Center for Family Health Divisions - June 18, 2024

​​​​​In collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and the California Department of Public Health's Center for Family Health Divisions, including the Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Division, Genetic Disease Screening Program, and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), FHOP facilitated a webinar covering the scientific background and clinical perspectives on various forms of folate. Attendees gained insights into folate, its forms, the importance of selecting the right one, and clear guidance for patients. The session addressed associations between folate forms and health outcomes, emphasizing folic acid's efficacy in preventing neural tube defects (NTDs). Recommendations for individuals with MTHFR gene variants were discussed, and a healthcare provider shared insights on counseling patients about prenatal supplement use. Finally, the Center for Family Health at CDPH highlighted programs within each division and their contributions to this critical topic. Speakers include: Monica Villarruel from CDPH, Amy Fothergill from CDC, Dr. Shannon Clark, Valorie Eckert from the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program, and Megan Schlager from WIC. 

You can access the recording here

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