EpiHosp: Hospital Discharge Data Analysis & Presentation System
EpiHosp is a software package distributed without charge to California health jurisdictions to enable them to review, analyze, report, and graph key variables from the California hospital discharge data for children and young adults 28 days to 24 years. EpiHosp is an add-on layer for EpiInfo, public domain software designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Windows version of EpiHosp includes drop down menus and a set of preprogrammed reports and graphs. It also contains built-in tutorials, references and documentation.

Download and Install EpiInfo
Note: Do not install the latest version of EpiInfo. It will not be compatible. You need to use EpiInfo 3.5.3 following the link above.
Download EpiHosp 2.0
EpiHosp 2.0 Manual (pdf)

EpiHosp Resources

Methods to Prepare Hospital Discharge Data (pdf)

Tell us About Your Needs - CBInfo and EpiHosp Use Survey 
FHOP has created a brief survey to assess the use and utility of CBInfo and of EpiHosp. The results of this survey will be used by FHOP and the State MCAH Program to determine the best way to support and facilitate use of birth certificate data and hospital data. Please take a few moments to tell us about your data analysis needs.

To take the survey click here.