CBInfo Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am receiving an error message when trying to import data into CBInfo.
1. If you encounter a problem with CBInfo, the best first step is to uninstall CBInfo and reinstall the latest version from the FHOP website. Uninstalling and reinstalling CBInfo will not remove any of your databases or output files.
2. Then, when you open CBInfo, under "Settings", select "Set County Code" and enter the code for your county (which you can find on page 124 in the manual). Then select "Set Drive Letter", and enter the drive where EpiInfo is installed, generally it is C. You must enter the drive letter and a COLON for the program to function correctly, for example, "C:"
3. If you get the following error: 'Cannot open database: c:\epi_info\births\back\btemp.MDB' check if you have "write" privileges on your C Drive. Otherwise, you won't be able to create a new database on your computer. This is the most common reason why Imports fail.

Q: I only get 10 options for running AVSS birth reports (not 12) and they do not include an option 'Generate 2007 CBC File (1800)' - am I missing something?

A: You may need to have your AVSS profile modified to see that option. Call AVSS help desk for assistance (805-893-3214 or 805-893-5632).

Q: I am having some problems with running the AVSS file. I can run the file okay, but the data doesn't match the reports I ran at the beginning of the year.

A: You may have problem with old versions of MS Access. Make sure you download the latest version of CBInfo which can accommodate old and new MS Access versions.

Q: I am getting an error message when trying to import data that says: "Cannot open the file....
Syntax is: REPLACE ,..."

A: Check if your current drive is set to the same drive in which EpiInfo is location, and be sure the drive letter is entered with a colon, for example "C:" To do this go to SETTINGS and select: Set Drive Letter.


Q: There seems to be no way to get out of Graphs once it's started. Using File - Exit just gets me back to "Analysis.

A: You can go out of graphs by choosing Exit in the Analysis menu.

Q: Can I combine two databases?

A: Yes, follow instructions below.

1. From the dropdown menu of your main CBInfo screen, at the top of the window, select  Data > Combine Databases 
2. Select the first, and then the second database in the subsequent dialog boxes
3. Name the new dataset you are creating. Be sure to use a unique name. (If you use a name that is the same as another database, the other database WILL BE OVERWRITTEN)
4. You will receive a confirmation that your new database has been created.

NOTE: You should not combine databases from year 2007 with databases from 2006 and prior since data file structures are different.