Updates to the LHJ’s MCAH DataBooks and Assessing Data Quality

This training was a joint TA webinar and skills building webinar on the MCAH DataBooks FHOP produces for the LHJs and assessing Data Quality. The first part of the webinar focused on updates to this year’s DataBooks, and specifically on the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and the implication of the transition. The second part of the webinar focused on data quality, including a review of the data that FHOP provides to assess data quality and a presentation from Susan Whalen in Solano county on their birth certificate data quality improvement project title "When Problem Patients are Not the Problem".

You can access a the webinar recording here.

You can access the presentation on the DataBooks and data quality here.

You can access the presentation on Solano's data quality improvement project here.

This resource is a quick reference guide to interpreting the trend analyses statistics in the DataBooks.