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  • Updated Reference table "Title V MCAH Indicators"
  • Upcoming Training events
  • Children's Defense fund -California website and data reports

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    March 2009


    Updated Reference table "Title V MCAH Indicators"

    It has come to our attention that MCAH directors and their data staff are not aware of a very important table that is available on every county web page. This is not password protected and it's the first item listed under Additional Resources in the lower section of the page. This table lists all 27 indicators, the definition of the numerator and denominator for each and a link to the source data for Workbook B. These links take you to the FHOP spreadsheets for indicators generated from this source and will require the county password. There are also links to data sources for those indicators using other data sources such as CHIS, genetic disease, SWITRS, etc. The data for these sources have been updated.

    FHOP website - data sources for Title V indicators

    Upcoming Training events

    FHOP will be hosting 3 teleconferences in April with 3 agenda items:

    1. Review worksheets C1-3 on prioritizing needs/problems
    2. Review Worksheet D for prioritizing MCAH Capacity Needs, and
    3. Answer any questions that participants have about what they have done so far.
    Each call will have 21 slots for counties and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. You will be receiving a separate Data Alert about these.

    Children's Defense fund -California website and data reports

    CDF has a California office that is a very good source of information for counties on health insurance coverage for children as well as the latest happenings in state and federal policy related to funding health services for children. Check the link below to access the data report section of that website.

    Data report section of CDF website
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  • CA County MCAH Data Pages
  • General Public Health Resources
  • CA County MCAH Data Resources
  • phone: 415-476-5283