August 2009

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MCAH Priority Needs

Thank you to all the Local Health Jurisdictions for the diligent and meticulous work completing the MCAH Title V Needs Assessments.  The process required the time of directors, coordinators, staff, and community members--and the effort shows in the quality of the final reports.

MCAH Priorities for 2010-2014
FHOP tallied the priorities and sorted them into categories. The following categories were the most frequently selected by Counties.

Priority Category             # of Counties
1. Overweight/obesity                  49
2. Prenatal Care                         38
3. Birth Outcomes                       27

New Data Maps from FHOP

FHOP is working on ways to make the data on the 27 MCAH indicators more meaningful to local health jurisdictions (LHJs) and accessible to the public. We are designing a series of maps comparing LHJs to the same standard in the 1995-1997 period and the 2004-2006 period. These maps show both changes for a particular LHJ and in comparison to other LHJ's. This first map compares teen birth rates for the 15-17 age population between the two time periods. It gives us a sense of the degree to which birth rates have declined, a rare example of good news in an otherwise difficult and challenging time.

To see a full-size version of this map and for additional information about how it was created, see: CA Teen Birth Rate Trend Map (opens a PDF).

Trainings for 2009-2010
Input requested!

Given the disruption of the budget cuts on county and state MCAH functions and programs, FHOP is planning to move to web based trainings. These trainings would be accessible at a predefined time with live presenters and on-line discussion, as well as at any time after the training through the FHOP website.
To plan the training content for 2009-2010 we need your assistance. Below is a link to a brief online survey on potential training topics. Through this survey, we would like to get your input on which topics you find the most useful and needed. Please complete the survey by September 15th. Thank you!

FHOP Training Content Survey
Resources for Data 

2007 National Survey of Children's Health (NSCH)
Data from the 2007 NSCH are available at:
The Data Resource Center for the NSCH provides online access to the survey data that allows users to compare state, regional, and nationwide results - plus resources and personalized assistance for interpreting and reporting findings. Topics include: Child and family demographics; Children's physical and mental health status; Health insurance status and type of coverage; Access and use of health care services; Medical home; and others. expanding offers more than 250 indicators on the health and well being of children. Local data for all California counties will be phased in beginning later this year. Currently, data is available for six Bay Area counties and Santa Barbara. Kidsdata is a project of the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health.

FHOP Family Health Outcomes Project
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