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    November 2008

    FHOP at APHA

    FHOP staff, Gerry Oliva and Linda Remy, gave oral presentations at the Oct 26-29th American Public Health Association meeting in San Diego on their research on patterns of mental health hospitalizations and ED visits and mental health infrastructure in California. Gerry's presentation "Trends in mental health and related hospitalizations in the reproductive age population in California, 1991-2005 " summarized 15 year trends by age, race and gender, showing increasing rates for white women and men leading to white rates surpassing those of African Americans for most age groups. Hispanic and Asian rates remained much lower. White and African Americans age 30-45 had the highest rates. Linda's talk ""Adequacy of California's hospital infrastructural capacity for treating the mentally ill" showed the virtual elimination of mental health hospital capacity in most of the state and very sparse outpatient services for substance abuse and mental health services in much of the state.

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    Exemplary publication on using data for action

    The following link is to a new Robert Wood Johnson Foundation publication on social disparities in health called "Overcoming Obstacles to Health". This report was done at the request of an RWJ funded Commission to Build a Healthier America, a bi-partisan group convened to make recommendations on health policy for the United States. The graphics and overall use of data are wonderful examples of turning data into information to promote action. The report was authored by Paula Braveman from UCSF.

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    Resources for MCAH Capacity Assessment

    Our web site section on Title V Assessment Guidelines is constantly updated. Most recently we have added an updated sample of the SWOT Analysis and notes from our Technical Assistance phone calls that include questions and answers that came up. We are also adding materials that various counties have developed such as introductory slide show and explanatory material for stake holders.

    Title V Needs Assessment Guidelines, Materials and References web page
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