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    Spotlight! Birth Characteristics and Outcomes for Multi-Race Births

    In 2000, in compliance with OMB guidelines, California joined other states in implementing a multi-race choice on birth and death certificates. This is a report using 2003 birth certificate data form California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Utah that compares maternal characteristics and birth outcomes between single and multi-race births. Outcomes vary by type of racial mix.

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    Databooks Training Scheduled! June 27, 2007 in Sacramento, CA

    Data which is required by the state MCAH Branch for Title V Needs Assessments and reports is available on the FHOP website. The data for the perinatal indicators and those related to mortality and hospital discharge are contained in county specific files that can be downloaded. The data are displayed in a set of EXCEL spreadsheets. For each indicator the set includes a page for: county numerators and denominators; state numerators and denominators; indicator definitions; data quality (ie missing or unlikely values) for that county; a table of rates for the county and state with confidence intervals for each of the 12 years, and a trend graph that compares trend lines with a table showing statistical tests for significance of the various trend lines. In addition, each county file contains a separate set of spreadsheets for each indicator for the geographic region that includes that county with corresponding tables and graphs so that the county can compare itself to the region as a whole.

    In this training, you will be able to:
    • navigate the FHOP website to find the databooks (spreadsheets) and other county specific data
    • articulate the range of indicators included in the spreadsheets
    • describe the impact of data quality on indicator values
    • accurately interpret comparative information on the rate tables
    • accurately interpret the trend graphs
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    Resources Kaiser State Health Facts

    This site provides very useful current data by state on demographic and the economy, health status, health coverage and the uninsured, Medicaid and SCHIP, Medicare, Health Costs, Managed care, HIV/AIDS, women's health and minority health. The health insurance information is especially useful.

    State Health Facts

    Infant Mortality Statistics from the 2004 Period Linked Birth/Infant Death Data Set

    This report presents 2004 period infant mortality statistics from the linked birth/infant death data file by a variety of maternal and infant characteristics. The linked file differs from the mortality file, which is based entirely on death certificate data.
    Descriptive tabulations of data are presented and interpreted. Excluding rates by cause of death, the infant mortality rate is now published with two decimal places.

    Infant Mortality Statistics

    Trends in Preterm-Related Infant Mortality by Race and Ethnicity United States, 1999-2004

    This report examines trends in preterm-related causes of infant death in the United States by maternal race and ethnicity.

    A grouping of preterm-related causes of infant death was created by identifying causes of death that were a direct cause or consequence of preterm birth. Cause-of-death categories were considered to be preterm-related when 75% or more of total infant deaths attributed to that cause were born preterm, and the cause was considered to be a direct consequence of preterm birth based on a clinical evaluation and review of the literature. Trends in preterm-related causes of death were examined by maternal race and ethnicity.

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    Birth Characteristics and Outcomes for Multi-Race Births