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    December 2007


    FHOP at APHA 2007

    Gerry Oliva and Judith Belfiori from FHOP attended the Annual American Public Health Association meeting in Washington D.C. Gerry delivered three oral presentations and Judith presented a poster.

    • Oliva G, Smyly V, Tatum F, Johnson S, Rienks J, Belfiori J, Mack Burch L: Assessing the immediate and longer term impact of an Undoing Racism workshop on individuals and their organizations.
    • Oliva G, Remy L, Clay T: Automated data spreadsheets for California's Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health programs.
    • Oliva G, Remy L, Rienks J: Political and Public Policy Implications of missing data and unlikely values: The example of California's Birth Certificate Data.
    • Belfiori J, Oliva G, Rienks J, Smyly V: Addressing disparities between African American and Caucasian infant deaths: Impacting community and organizational systems.
    To view presentations click here.

    Perinatal, Infant and Child Deaths Updated Databooks for fetal, perinatal, neonatal, post-neonatal, infant, child and adolescent deaths for the 12-year period 1994 through 2005 are now available on the FHOP website.

    Over this time period California's statewide average fetal death rate decreased significantly as did rates for all race/ethnic subgroups except African American which remain double those of other groups. Perinatal rates dropped significantly for all groups. Average neonatal, post-neonatal and infant death rates are continuing to drop at a statistically significant rate overall and for most race-ethnic groups. Disparities continue with an African American infant mortality rate of 2.2 times that of the state in 1994 and 2.4 times the state in 2005. Overall mortality rates for children between 1 and 14 decreased significantly between 1994 and 1999 and since have remained flat as have rates for all race/ethnic groups except African Americans whose rates decreased from 1.7 times that of the state in 1999 to 1.4 in 2005. Among youth age 15 to 19, the statewide average death rate followed the same pattern with significant decreases in the late 1990's and then leveling off. Hispanic and Asian rates showed the same pattern while rates for Whites and African Americans decreased through 2005. For African Americans rates decreased from 2.4 times the statewide average in 1994 to only 1.5 times the state average in 2005.

    Databooks link

    Children with Special Health Care Needs
    Online access to the NEWLY RELEASED 2005/06 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs

    The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) has recently announced the release of the 2005/06 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs (NS-CSHCN). Visit the CAHMI Data Resource Center (DRC) website for "point and click" online access to national- and state-level findings for over 100 child health indicators. Users can also select and download findings for various population subgroups, including household income level, race/ethnicity, and insurance coverage.

    The NS-CSHCN is a national survey sponsored and designed by the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau. It is administered by the National Center for Health Statistics and was conducted for the first time in 2000/01, and repeated in 2005/06. The survey provides national and state-specific prevalence estimates for children with special health care needs, in combination with other information about their health, health care needs and the quality of care CSHCN receive.

    DRC website

    FHOP is moving!

    As of December 21, 2007 FHOP will have a new address:

    Family Health Outcomes Project
    University of California San Francisco
    500 Parnassus Ave. Room MU-337
    San Francisco, CA 94143-0900
    Phone: 415-476-5283
    Fax: 415-476-6051 (new number)

    We will not be available by phone on December 17-20. If you wish to contact us during that time please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

    FHOP will be closed during Christmas and New Near Holidays.

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