OLD - MCAH Title V NA Page (2015 Needs Assessment)

This page is a compilation of information of links and resources that will be useful in completing your Title V Needs Assessment. We are available for all questions – big and small – to assist you through the process at [email protected] and 415-476-5283.

Required Forms
The required forms for completing the needs assessment have been posted on the CA MCAH Program website.

Trainings on how to conduct your Title V Needs Assessment
FHOP has been and will continue to hold webinar trainings designed to help you in conducting your local needs assessment. All trainings are recorded and archived so that you can access them as needs.

I.Introduction to Needs Assessment
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

II. Understanding and Interpreting your Needs Assessment Data
Monday, October 28, 2013

III. Problem Analysis
Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IV. Developing Problem Statements & Selecting Interventions
Wednesday, January 29, 2014

V. Getting the most out of your local Databooks
Tuesday, February 4, 2014

VI. Completing your Needs Assessment Deliverable Packet
Tuesday, March 19, 2014

Data for the Needs Assessment
Required data
CHSR Overview data sources (xls)
Locating your data for Deliverable Form D: Summary (word)

Title V 5-Year Needs Assessment Indicators: DATABOOK 2000 to 2011 (pdf)
Understanding your Community Health Status Reports – The Overview and The Details (pdf)
Sample 2014 Needs Assessment Data Presentation Template (ppt)
Guidelines for using the Needs Assessment Data Presentation Template (pdf)

Additional Data Resource for the Needs Assessment – OPTIONAL
California County MCAH Data Resources
General Public Health Data Resources

Helpful Publications
The Planning Guide - Developing an Effective Planning Process: A Guide for Local MCH Programs
The purpose of this manual is to assist local public health agencies in conducting a needs-based, rational planning and resource allocation process. Although the processes described are generic to all planning efforts at the local level, the case examples are specific to Maternal and Child Health Programs that are required to conduct a formal needs assessment and planning process every five years in order to receive their annual block grant funds.

Useful Tools
Sample Problem Prioritization Worksheet (word)
This is a tool to use with your stakeholders to assist in prioritizing your local health problems
Sample Problem Analyses Diagrams on the State MCAH Web pages
Note – these are generic diagrams designed to be include many potential problem precursors and need to be adapted to reflect the situation in your local health jurisdiction
Intervention/Evaluation Planning Tools
This page links you to products and tools, including templates, intended to assist you in analyzing additional data and developing interventions to address priority problem areas.
Intervention Planning Resources
This web page is organized by health topic area and contains links to sample problem analyses, logic models, fact sheets, webinars, and other resources

Other Links
AMCHP resources for Conducting a Needs Assessment
History of Title V
Understanding Title V of the Social Security Act (pdf)
Maternal and Child Health Bureau, HRSA
Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program, CDPH
MCH Life Course Resource Guide, HRSA
Health Disparities, CDC
Minority Health, CDC
Healthy People 2020, Social Determinants of Health - Overview
Healthy People 2020, Social Determinants
YouTube video