FHOP Website Updates

FHOP is working on making our website as user-friendly as possible. We are focusing on helping people find the information they want faster and making navigation within the site easier. One way we are doing this is by ensuring items that are posted have brief descriptions. 

One area that now has improved descriptions is the County Data Pages. We went through each County's data spreadsheet page (aka the databooks) and under the title of each data spreadsheet, listed the indicators that are in the spreadsheet. For example, if you are interested in your preterm birth rate, on the data spreadsheets page, you will quickly be able to see preterm birth can be found within the birth weight spreadsheet. We also put this descriptive table on the page before you need to put in your password, so that anyone who visits the FHOP site looking for MCAH data will know what is in the data spreadsheets.

You can access your data spreadsheets from your county link on this page: http://fhop.ucsf.edu/fhop/htm/ca_mcah/counties/index.htm If you do not have your user name and password, you can email FHOP to get it. MCAH directors control access to their data spreadsheets, so if you are not with an MCAH program, contact your local program if you have data questions.