FHOP Publications - Injury Surveillance

The California Child and Youth Injury Hot Spot Project, Report for the Period 1995 to 1997
Volume 1 - State Guide
Volume 2 - County Guide
Volume 3 - Technical Guide
This report summarizes injury data for California's children and youth age 0 to 24 years statewide and for local health jurisdictions (58 counties, with Los Angeles divided into four regions, and three independent cities). The ZIP-level analysis compares each ZIP with all other ZIPs statewide and within each jurisdiction.

The State Guide summarizes methods used to analyze the data, classify ZIPs, and presents overall statewide results. It is important to understand the statewide results in order to evaluate the meaning of regional data. Maps in this volume allow readers to visually compare their region's injury pattern with the statewide injury pattern, and to compare ZIPs within their region to each other.

State summary tables in the State Guide can be compared with region summary tables in Volume Two: County Guide. This enables the reader to compare characteristics of injured children in a particular region of interest to state averages. We hope this will contribute to a better understanding of injuries to California's young people and their course of hospital care. ZIP-level tables in the County Guide compare a community's actual injury rates with injury rates statewide and within the region. This permits the reader to evaluate how well each community within a region safeguards its children.

Finally, for those with technical expertise who are interested in a more detailed description of the methods and analyses, refer to Volume Three, Technical Guide. (August 2000)